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The Giving Gaze: Le Mirada Pródiga


An Intimate Topography of the Border: Una topografía íntima de la frontera
By José-Rodolfo Jacobo, Manlio César Correa, Mario Martín Flores
Translations: Gustavo Segade, Sergio Waisman
Text in Spanish and English

Suggested retail: $16.50

ISBN: 1-930785-22-4
168 pages
Published: 2004

Independently, but more so collaboratively, the poems and photographs in the book help us to better understand and appreciate life along this long and complicated US-Mexico border. In terms of both content and quality, both the poems by Mario Martín Flores and photographs by Manlio César Correa and José-Rodolfo Jacobo could easily stand alone but it is the combination, the intricate weaving of photographs and words, provides the reader with powerful, moving imagery of life as it is, not as depicted by Hollywood or in the distorted images of marketing firms, but through the photographs of real people and images of everyday life. Undoubtedly, readers will find themselves moving back and forth between the photographs and the poems because the words in the poems force us to refocus on the photographs and vice versa.

Celestino Fernández, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology University of Arizona