Format. Review. Publish


The following are some suggestions to help transform the standard course reader into a book that “stands-out” on the bookstore shelves:

  • Custom full-color covers
  • Perfect-binding
    • Bind your reader like a soft-bound textbook with a color custom cover
    • Minimum order is only 25 printed copies and there is no commitment
  • Perforated Pages
    • Enables students to neatly remove specific pages from the book
    • This option is recommended for lab manuals & workbooks
  • Full-color pages
    • Reproduce pages with photos, graphics, or charts in full-color for greater impact
    • With a digital reader, there is no upcharge for color
  • Custom CD/DVD
    • Included in the back of the course reader in an adhesive holder
    • Embedded in the digital reader, it plays without opening a second window