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JARCC Special Edition

Latina/o/x Leaders in Community Colleges

Guest Editor: Dr. Ignacio Hernández

The Journal of Applied Research in Community Colleges (JARCC) is seeking Research Articles and Practice Briefs about Community College Latina/o/x Leaders. Community colleges’ lack of diversity in leadership is evident through its organizational structures and is magnified by the diversity in the students enrolled who are primarily from minoritized communities. This juxtaposition between leadership profiles and the student demographics at community colleges serves as a call to action for scholars and practitioners to examine Latinx leadership within a community college context. This special edition of JARCC will serve to challenge the racial homogeneity of institutional leadership by bringing together a combination of research articles and practice briefs focused on Latinx leaders at community colleges.

The research articles can feature a wide variety of research approaches (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, historical, etc.) while the practice briefs provide empirically based, theoretically grounded, yet concrete recommendations to practitioners in plain language. They will all follow the manuscript guidelines provided by the JARCC on the website.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this special edition, please forward a 1-3-page prospectus containing the following:

  • Title
  • Type of Submission (Research Article or Practice Brief)
  • Purpose
  • Methodology, and
  • Potential Audience

This short prospectus should be sent by Dec 15th, 2020 to:

Dr. Ignacio Hernández, California State University, Fresno:


Questions about the special issue can be directed to:

Dr. Bill Piland, Co-Executive Editor, JARCC:

Dr. Marissa Vasquez, Co-Executive Editor, JARCC:




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Since 1993, the Journal of Applied Research in the Community College (JARCC) has served the institutional research and planning professionals in community colleges. JARCC is a semi-annual peer-reviewed journal that features articles relating to the integration of research and theory to practice in community colleges. The journal provides an intellectual space to communicate innovative practices in applied research that supports educational and administrative decision-making at the institutional, state, and national levels. JARCC is published by the San Diego State University’s EdD program in Community College Leadership and Community College Leadership Alumni Chapter.

The Journal of Applied Research in the Community College is a semi-annual journal published jointly by San Diego State University Ed.D. Program in Community College Leadership and the Community College Leaders Alumni Chapter.

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