Journal of Applied Research in Community Colleges. Peer-Reviewed Since 1993

Call for submissions! Fall 2020 JARCC Issue - Due May 8,2020. Email manuscripts to JARCC@SDSU.EDU


JARCC Aim and Scope

A semi-annual peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Applied Research in the Community College (JARCC) encourages scholarly submissions from education researchers and practitioners that address contemporary issues facing community colleges. In particular, the journal is focused on serving institutional researchers and planners in community colleges. All submissions must have clearly identified recommendations for practice, which inform enhanced programming, policies, practices, and structures in community colleges.

Type of Articles that JARCC Publishes

Manuscripts submissions to JARCC should illustrate clear evidence of a theoretical underpinning or conceptual framework. Submissions should be written in a manner that is comprehendible and useful to both researchers and practitioners in community colleges. JARCC publishes research studies that exhibit rigorous standards of empirical investigation. This includes studies that are mixed-methods, qualitative and quantitative in nature.

Submission of Manuscripts to JARCC

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically in MS Word, NOT in PDF or WordPerfect. Figures, tables, references, and writing must conform to the specifications described in the latest version of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (currently the 6th edition, 2009). All parts of the manuscript must be typewritten in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. Manuscripts should be consecutively numbered throughout the paper on the upper right hand corner with a running header (shorter title) on the upper left hand corner. Manuscripts should include the name, title, departmental and institutional affiliation, mailing address, email address, and phone number of the person to contact for additional information on the title page. Any manuscripts that do not adhere to these style requirements will be returned to the author, without review.

Manuscript Preparation

JARCC accepts two types of manuscripts for publication, featured (empirical articles) and practice (‘how to’) briefs for institutional research and planning professionals. Featured articles should be 10-15 pages in length, not including tables, figures, and references. Practice briefs should be 5-10 pages in length. This maximum page length allows JARCC to include more studies from a greater number of contributors. This format also encourages authors to be succinct in presenting their work.

Figures, charts, and images must be clear and in one of the following formats (e.g., JPEG, PNG, GIF, or Microsoft Application Files). Tables and figures should not be embedded in the text, but should be included as separate and clearly labeled files. A short descriptive title should appear above each table with a clear legend and any footnotes suitably identified below. Figures should be completely labeled, taking into account necessary size reduction. Captions should be double-spaced. All original figures should be clearly marked with the number, author's name, and top edge indicated. If authors desire to reproduce figures, tables, charts, art, images, and/or lengthy quotes from other sources, the author is responsible for attaining permission and for all fees associated required by the copyright holder.

Authors should not submit a manuscript to JARCC that is under review at another journal, or which has been published in totality or in part through another scholarly outlet. All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract, no longer than 150 words in length. Three keywords should be included at the bottom of the abstract. The abstract should be submitted on a separate page.

How to Submit to JARCC

To submit to this journal, email manuscripts to