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Shush and Say “Six”!


An Innovative Introduction to Reading Hebrew, for Learners of all Ability Levels
By Zev bar-Lev

Suggested retail: $15.99

ISBN: 1-930785-14-3
190 pages
Published: 2001

Is there any hope of really learning Hebrew in the short time of a regular course? After all, many people study Spanish for years and never acquire any truly usable abilities. How can one acquire usable abilities in a far more exotic language, with a wholly different writing system? The answer here is: yes, with the help of modern memory techniques.

Because of these techniques, Shush… is especially helpful for special-needs and phobic learners; it is built to address different learning styles, and helps ordinary students learn to use Hebrew more effectively.

Hebrew Free Specch: Foreign Language for Scaredy-Cats


An Elementary Textbook, Guaranteeing Spontaneous Speaking Abilities for all Learners, Regardless of Ability
By Zev bar-Lev

Suggested retail: $9.95

ISBN: 1-930785-04-6
300 pages
Published: 2002

Do foreign language courses leave you tongue-tied?

The secret to the present method is a set of innovations, including focus on the word as the basic unit of language, and a special acquisition-based sequence of vocabulary and grammatical patterns.

The method has been found especially useful for phobic, busy, and other special-needs students, while also ensuring that more sophisticated learners get the focus on speaking that they need.