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All Dissertation candidates must visit the SDSU Graduate Division for clearance before coming to Montezuma Publishing.

Dissertation Formatting and Review

MP Thesis Department reviews all applicable Doctoral Dissertations to ensure conformity with university and department requirements. This formal review occurs after the members of the faculty committee have signed the Dissertation/Thesis signature page indicating their approval of content.

Doctoral Dissertations for students enrolled in the standalone SDSU College of Education Doctoral Program (Ed.D) in Education Leadership will format their dissertations according to the current department requirement of APA 7th edition guidelines. In addition, the department has a handout for items not covered by the APA manual.

For those SDSU Doctoral Programs that are administered jointly with a cooperating institution, the format of dissertations will be governed either by SDSU regulations or by those of the cooperating institution as determined in the contract between the two institutions. Most Joint Doctoral Programs are governed by the cooperating institutions formatting rules. As such, these dissertations are only required to submit for publishing to Montezuma Publishing.

Please visit the Graduate Division website for more information.

SDSU Ed.D. Dissertation Sample

Dissertation Publishing

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